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Santa School Out Now!


We’ve made our first documentary ‘Santa School’ following aspiring students at the Northern Lights Santa Academy!

Have you ever wondered how one of the most famous faces in history has managed to remain anonymous all these years? Easy. Decoy Santa’s, hundreds of them. Santa School delves into the world of professional Christmas entertainers and explores what it takes to be just like the big man himself. The school is run by Santa Rick and his wife Tracy. Santa’s attend from all over the world to learn about everything from Santa fashion and hair care through to inclusivity and being a Santa for all. Santa School follows five Santa’s on their journeys through school and out into the world of professional Santa’s, whilst exploring the true meaning for Christmas along the way.

Directed and produced by our very own Nathalie Grace ‘Santa School’ follows aspiring students at the Northern Lights Santa Academy as they learn the necessary skills to become the perfect Santa!

‘Santa School’ is available now to watch in the US on Amazon Prime Video

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