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The Kindred Premieres At Frightfest


It’s been a long wait for our first premiere but Arrow Video FrightFest Film Festival in London’s Leicester Square was well worth it!

There was no where else we would rather have premiered The Kindred than the Frightfest film festival in London’s Leicester Square. A festival run by horror fans for horror fans, the cast & crew of The Kindred we were hugely excited to meet & showcase the film to a passionate, vocal, horror-minded crowd.

The film was positively received by the audience and critics alike with April’s performance being singled out for praise. It was hugely gratifying for everyone involved after all of the hard work, covid delays and difficulties.

‘The Kindred’ is definitely a highlight of Arrow Video FrightFest and Patterson and Pearson are without a doubt a winning combination.

– Entertainment Focus

The Kindred features some stunning performances, a chilling plot, and an honest portrayal of the struggles of being a parent – ★★★★

– The Hollywood News

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